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The history of The Church of The Good Shepherd

The Diocese of Tennessee faced many adversities in 1865. Faced with the conclusion of the civil war, epidemic cholera and the recent loss of its first Bishop, The Rt. Rev. James Hervey Otey. (January 14, 1834-April 23, 1863).

Bishop Otey had died in 1863, leaving the diocese without a bishop until 1865, at which time a special convention was convened and The Reverend Charles Todd Quintard was elected Bishop of the Diocese of Tennessee. Bishop Quintard was a graduate of The University Medical College, professor at Memphis Medical College in 1851, and a man acclaimed for his studies in mortality in Memphis. Medicine became secondary to him when he was ordained at Calvary Church in Memphis on January 21, 1855. After serving as chaplain to the First Tennessee Regiment, he returned to be consecrated Bishop of Tennessee in the Fall the of 1865. Bishop Quintard accepted The Diocese of Tennessee in a disheveled state of poverty which was a direct result of the civil war and it's after math. <next>