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The history of The Church of The Good Shepherd, cont.

Settlements of the English, Irish, Germans and Italians developed throughout the South. Bishop Quintard sent The Reverend James Junius Vaulx to the Chelsea area of Memphis where he began a mission in the home of Mrs. Wood. This was to be known as The Church of The Good Shepherd. Founding of the mission, and at the direction of The Reverend Vaulx, Good Shepherd attained full parish status in 1872.
During the years of mission status, The Church of The Good Shepherd had undertaken the obligation of assisting The Canfield Asylum, formation and maintence of The Refuge of Good Shepherds (February 8, 1869), St. Savior's Mission and St. Andrew's Mission.

The foundation of The Refuge of The Good Shepherd in 1869 was originally located near Gayoso Bayou in an old boat house and, later in the part of the old city hospital at Front (Shelby) and Exchange streets. The refuge served immigrants to Memphis. This mission was a manifestation of the "Social Gospel" which had not yet become generally accepted. This endeavor was to catch on and be worked much later by Salvation Army, Hull House in Chicago and other social settlements 12-15 years later. <next>