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The history of The Church of The Good Shepherd, cont.

The Canonical Register of The Church of The Good Shepherd written by The Rev. Arthur Howard Noll, historian and publisher of the history of the Diocese of Tennessee, stated the parish was placed under supervision of Father Klein of St. Mary's Cathedral until 1883. Several priests followed:

The Rev. J.A. Juny, was rector from November 11, 1883- 1885.
The Rev. R.C. Young, January 1885-1887.
The Rev. Henery Dunlap assisted from March 1886-1887.
TheRev. George L. Neide Jr. assisted from 1887-1891
The Rev. H. M. Dumbell succeeded The Rev. George Neide, becoming rector the first Thursday in Lent, February 12, 1891. Under his leadership the congregation grew from a very few to a large congregation. He resigned in April 1893, to become Dean of St. Mary's Cathedral. The Rev. S.B. McGlohon held his first service on St. Barnabas Day 1893. It was during his rectorship that Bishop Gailor gave the Mass Lights to the parish, placing them on the altar himself. They had been given to the Bishop and were memorials to Bishop Hopkins, the first Bishop of Vermont, who consecrated our Bishop Quintard in Christ Church, Philadelphia, at the General Convention in 1865. The Rev. McGlohon resigned in the fall of 1897. <next>